I wanted to take the time to give an update on Ethan. Last time I posted he had been moved to an open air crib. When we arrived at the hospital the next day they had moved him back into his isolette. It was hard to see him back in his “box”, but we know it is what is best for him. The neonatologist that is taking care of him tells us that it is completely normal for a baby of his size and gestation to struggle maintaining body temperature. He is doing great otherwise. He is still off of oxygen and does pretty good taking each bottle. He sleeps pretty much all of the time except right before a feeding. Please pray for Ethan to continue to do well and develop and grow just as he should.
Carter and Seth are back at home and we have settled into a new routine. We are all anxious to have Ethan home with us soon, but want him to be healthy and strong when he comes home. The boys love seeing him and already have a picture of him in their rooms. Here are some new pictures:

Finally…all of my boys together (even if it was just for an hour)!

Sweet Ethan!

The boys posing with their cookie bouquet that their Preschool sent to them. They loved the treat!

One thought on “Update

  1. Oh so sweet Mandy! He is just too precious and I love the pics of Carter and Seth! I bet that loved that cookie bouquet!! We will continue to pray for Ethan. We love you all!Love,Katie


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