My baby!

What a week! I really want to take the time soon to write everything down so I will never forget it. It has been such an emotional roller coaster and I still can’t put into words everything I am feeling. For now, I will give you some updated pictures, as our little guy is doing so good in the nicu. He is off of oxygen and all of his other tubes. He is in an open air crib so that he can learn to regulate his own body temperature. For the last few days, Zach and I have fed him and changed his clothes each visit. Zach has also given him a bath. It is fun to see him in his little clothes. He can barely wear a newborn and most of those are too big. It is hard to leave him there in the nicu, but we are able to visit twice a day. There is a possibility he will come home this weekend, but that can change quickly too.

I don’t know why blogger rotated this picture, but I can’t get it to flip. It is such a cute picture of him in his first onesie, I had to include it!

Hanging out with Mommy before his feeding.

After his feeding, diaper change, and outfit change, he is completely worn out!

Last night in his open air crib. The box that he was in regulated the temperature for him, but now he has to stay bundled up. It is hard work for his little body.

2 thoughts on “My baby!

  1. He is BEAUTIFUL, Mandy! I just couldn’t imagine leaving him at the hospital and going home. Hopefully this will all be over soon! Love you!


  2. How sweet is he!!! I’m so glad that little Ethan is doing so good! And I hope you’re feeling better too!


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