About a month ago I decided that our family needed to take a vacation before our sweet baby boy arrives this summer. The boys are at such a fun age and we really wanted to enjoy a vacation with them before we go back into “baby mode.” We left for Destin on Thursday afternoon and stopped and spent the night in Birmingham. The boys were extremely excited to spend the night in a hotel room and it took us forever to get them to sleep. They were up bright and early on Friday morning ready to go to the beach. They were great in the car and we were on the beach by 2:00 on Friday. Seth had talked about building sandcastles for weeks and sat right down in the sand and started playing. The waves were pretty rough so Carter wasn’t crazy about getting in the water but he searched for shells and crabs along the water line. The weather was beautiful the entire time and we didn’t have any rain until we left Florida on Monday morning.

Here is a short list of our favorite things from this vacation:

  • Seeing the boys’ faces light up when we drove over the big bridge into Destin. They were so excited by the water (even though they won’t get in it).
  • The big hole Zach built them on the beach.
  • Getting balloon animals and seeing the alligators at Fuddpuckers (it doesn’t take much to make them happy)!
  • Playing putt putt on Saturday night (and it was free)!
  • Eating dinner outside (and enjoying ice cream afterwards).

It was a great vacation! Click HERE to see pictures of our trip.

One thought on “Vacation!!!

  1. How fun!! I’m so glad the weather was perfect for you all…I know you needed that vacation! I loved all your pictures and the one of the 4 of you is so good!! Ella Ann looked at them with me and kept asking, “Where am I??” ha!Love,K


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