Busy times!

We’ve had a busy few weeks since I last posted. The weather has gone from cold and rainy to hot and sunny. Although I wish we had more of a spring, I am thrilled to have the warmer weather. It makes life so much nicer when I don’t have to put coats on the boys and when we can get outside and play every day. It also means we are closer to meeting this new little one. I have had several ultrasounds and it makes me even more excited to see this little guy around the first of July. Still no name…but we are definitely working on it! Here are some pictures from last week:

My little man showing off before Church last week. This is one of my favorite outfits…Carter wore it when he was 2 as well. šŸ™‚ Seth LOVES clothes! Every time he gets dressed he wants to show off what he has on. Okay, I had to dig up the picture of Carter in the same outfit two years ago. Here it is:

Wow-he looks so little!

The boys love their raincoats. Uncle Spencer and Aunt Katie gave them to the boys for their birthdays. We have had lots of opportunities to wear them lately.

I swear I did not make my child vacuum. He LOVES it! It takes me forever to get anything done because he insists on helping. I know I should enjoy it because it will probably change too soon!

This weekend was especially busy. We asked my mom and dad to come down this weekend to help us with everything. Zach left the house first on Saturday morning (at 5 am!) to head downtown for the Music City Half-Marathon. He has been training for 4 months and did awesome! It was a very hot day for a race, but he really enjoyed it. Unforunately, I was not able to go down and see him race because I had to take Carter to get his soccer pictures made at 7:30 that morning. Mom and Dad brought Seth to the soccer game after the pictures so we could all watch Carter play. He is really enjoying soccer and loved having his family there to watch him. He can’t wait to have his Grandma and Grandpa come watch him in a few weeks. That afternoon we moved the crib out of Seth’s room and into the nursery. We also set up Seth’s big boy bed and he loves it! He did so good last night and stayed in his bed all night. I think he loves having a bed like his big brother! Here are some pictures from Saturday:

So proud of him!! Hope to get pictures soon of him running during the race!

My baby in his big boy bed!

On Sunday we traveled to Kentucky to visit my grandmother. She celebrated her birthday on Saturday and we wanted to make her weekend special. The boys love visiting their extended family and really enjoyed getting outside today to play with everyone. It was a good end to a great weekend! I think we will all sleep good tonight!

Seth hanging out with Nanny outside.

Carter playing catcher while Seth tries to hit the ball. Uncle Craig and Aunt Kasey were sweet to pitch to the boys FOREVER today!

One thought on “Busy times!

  1. Boy, you all HAVE been busy!! Lots of fun stuff though and great pictures! Love the raincoats! šŸ™‚ I also enjoyed your comparison pictures…I love doing that!Love,K


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