Easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend! Despite the cooler temperatures, we were still able to participate in a couple of egg hunts and the boys were able to wear their Easter outfits on Sunday. 🙂 Zach’s parents came down on Friday afternoon to spend some time with the boys. They had a lot of fun playing together and coloring eggs.

Coloring eggs with Daddy, Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa.

On Saturday morning, we attended our church egg hunt. The boys had so much fun playing on the playground and found so many eggs. We had a nice lunch and then it was time to head home (it was pretty cold outside!).

I’m pretty sure Carter is helping Seth find eggs here, not taking them from his basket!

They both liked the Easter Bunny this year!

On Sunday, the boys woke up and were excited to see what the Easter bunny had left them (actually they forgot about it until we reminded them 🙂 ). They were very excited about all the treats in their baskets! The Easter Bunny also left them a fish tank and they LOVE it! They ask all the time if it is time to feed the fish. We took them on Monday afternoon to pick out their fish. Carter named both fish – Goldie and Boxy (not sure where he came up with that name). The boys watch the fish all the time and Seth even tells the fish to look when he tries to shoot a basket in the playroom. It is really cute!

Going through their baskets Sunday morning.

After church we went out to eat and spent the rest of the afternoon at home. We had some friends over Sunday afternoon to hunt eggs and eat dinner. We’ve done something together for the last several years. Seth started the egg hunt, but after 2 eggs, he announced that he just wanted to go play. Two egg hunts in one weekend was plenty for him! Carter had a lot of fun with his friends. It was a great day together!

Trying to get a good picture after lunch. The boys had stains on their shirts and just wanted to play…I wish I could post all the pictures. They are so funny – their expressions are precious (and silly)!

All the kiddos at our Easter egg hunt!

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