Preschool Activities

Last week Carter had his Spring Program at preschool. He also had his class Easter egg hunt. He had so much fun both days. Tuesday was a nice day for the hunt. It was over in about 3 minutes because the kids were so excited to get the eggs. It was hard to get good pictures – Carter was running around so fast. I think Seth was a little disappointed at first that he didn’t get to participate, but he was fine playing on the playground and watching the older kids run around.

Carter and his buddies, Hagen and Hyatt.

Pausing very briefly for a picture!

Seth playing while Carter hunts.

Showing off his “loot”!

Ready to eat the yummy treats!

Carter’s spring program was on Thursday. They did a Noah’s Ark theme and each class sang about a different part of the story. Carter’s class sang about building the ark and obeying God. He was so excited to sing on stage. He has been singing the songs around the house for the last few weeks. Seth loved watching Carter on stage. He sat in my lap and didn’t move the entire time. It was so nice!

Giving Daddy and Grandma a big smile. Seth and I were down front on the floor so we could see.

Singing in the finale – “Rise and Shine”

All of the 3 year old classes.

Showing off his hammer that he used while singing about building Noah’s Ark.

Carter LOVES preschool! We are so blessed with a great school and great teachers. I can’t wait for Seth to experience the same thing next year (and he can’t either)!!

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