After Carter’s first soccer game, we left for Owensboro. My entire family planned to gather there and spend a long weekend together. Spencer, Katie, Ella Ann and Rane were able to come up from Atlanta and Craig came from Nashville (we missed Kasey!). It was a great weekend and so nice to spend time together. The kids had SO much fun and were sad to leave each other Monday afternoon. Once we got there, my boys never even went in the house. They played outside until dinner was ready and they had to go inside. We had an egg hunt for all the kids and they loved hunting eggs in the backyard.

Ready for their egg hunt!

We were all able to go to church together on Sunday and spent the rest of the day playing at the house. The boys love playing with Ella Ann and love to hold and kiss on Rane. Seth still talks about Baby Rane every day. It makes me really excited to see them with their new baby brother this summer!

All 4 of us (or 5 of us) before church!

Poor Rane couldn’t open his eyes because the sun was so bright. Ella Ann is such a good big sister!

An updated picture with Papa and Nana!

Opening up their Easter goodies from Nana and Papa. They loved their presents!

Seth holding his little buddy, Rane. You have to stay close by because when he is done holding him, he just kinda tosses him back to you. Rane is such a good sport when we all pass him around!

Zach and Craig left after dinner on Sunday. Spencer and his family left on Monday afternoon. The boys and I stayed until Tuesday morning. They are always sad to leave, but were ready to get home and see their Daddy. Seth kept saying “tackle Daddy” on the way home. 🙂 It was a great weekend!!

One thought on “Owensboro

  1. Cute pictures Mandy! We had so much fun with you all too…hate that it was so short! We loved Carter’s soccer pics in the other post! He looks so old!!!!Love,Katie


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