This past weekend our family split up and went on two separate trips. Zach took the boys, along with his mom and dad, and went to Ohio to visit family and friends. I took off with the girls for a weekend in Gatlinburg. We all had a lot of fun!
Zach and the boys left on Thursday with his parents and started their long trip to Ohio. The boys did great in the car and loved being with their family. They spent the weekend with Zach’s uncle, aunt, and 2 cousins. The boys were very well entertained and especially loved the two dogs they have in the house. That is the first thing Seth said when I walked in the door – “doggie.” “No Mommy, two doggies!” They were able to visit with lots of family and friends while they were there. They all had a great time!

Carter enjoying a carousel ride with Grandma!

Seth cuddling with Daphne. He LOVED Daphne! He still talks about her.

Carter getting Daphne to do some tricks.

The boys loved playing on the piano. They would turn the pages of the songbook like they were actually playing the songs. 🙂

I left on Friday with 4 of my best friends from college. We always have so much fun together and never lack for things to talk about. It was a great weekend – full of shopping, talking, laughing, and eating! I love my time with them and it was refreshing to be away from my regular routine. I stole some pictures from Rebekah’s blog since Zach had our camera. Thanks girls for a great weekend!

Amy and Rebekah in the car. We were ready to go!

Jennifer, Melissa, and me.

All five of us after dinner Friday night. We ate so many good, comfort-food meals! It was great!

The boys enjoying their suckers that I brought back for them. We were all very happy to be reunited on Sunday night! 🙂 I loved my time away, but I was so happy to get back home and be with all my boys!

One thought on “Traveling!

  1. Our trip was so much fun! Always fun to be together. Glad all your boys had a blast. When will you be getting a dog at your house?!? Love the picture of Carter and Seth with their suckers.


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