Playing outside the house!

We have done so many fun things over the last few weeks! The weather is crazy. One weekend we played in the snow and the next weekend we spent the morning at the zoo. We definitely have spring fever in this house and are so anxious for the weather to warm up (and stay warm) so we can get back outside. The boys and I have spent the majority of the last four days outside and have loved it!

I am attaching a lot of pictures. We took Carter bowling on his actual birthday. He has wanted to go for a long time. It was a lot of fun for both of the boys and Zach and I loved watching them. Carter cried when we had to leave. Seth has asked several times when we are going bowling again. Carter rolled his ball down on his own (with the bumpers on the side to avoid gutter balls) and it took a LONG time for his ball to get to the pins. One time it didn’t even make it. 🙂 Seth used a ramp that we sat his ball on and he pushed it down. A very fun night!

The Sunday after Carter’s birthday we had an inch or two of snow. The boys were very upset that they couldn’t go out right away (we had to get to church) but thankfully there was still snow in our front yard when we got home. The boys and Zach played outside, throwing snowballs, until they had to come in.

This past weekend the weather was amazing! We decided to take the boys to the zoo on Saturday morning. They loved it and it was nice to be outside together. Seth LOVED the giraffes and did not want to leave that exhibit. Carter loved collecting things as we walked (rocks, leaves, etc…) and was always searching for waterfalls. 🙂

I posted all our pictures on Facebook here. Hope you enjoy!

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