Happy Birthday Carter!

Today my oldest turns 4 years old!! It is amazing how much he has changed and grown in those four short years. I can’t imagine life without my boys and feel very blessed to add another one to the mix this summer!
Here are some things about Carter at 4 years old that we want to remember:
  • He is such a little helper. He wants to help me do everything. Although this can be exhausting, I will take advantage as long as I can! 🙂 He just finished helping me make a special lunch for his birthday.
  • He is so tender-hearted. He is easily upset and can cry over hurt feelings VERY easily.
  • He loves being at home. He would rather be home playing than just about any where else. He has recently started enjoying playing board games and asks to play them all day long.
  • He loves Seth and is pretty protective of him. Even though Seth drives him crazy at times, he is always willing to help him and play with him.
  • He loves going to preschool and church. He calls preschool days his best days!

We plan on bowling this afternoon and eating together as family to celebrate. It should be a fun day!

My sweet boy on the day after he was born! (2005)

First birthday! (2006)

Almost two years old and holding his new baby brother! (2007)

Third birthday! (2008)

This morning after he got his birthday present! He loves his new bike! (2009)

Riding inside because it is raining outside!

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