Party Time!

Last week we celebrated Carter’s 4th birthday with his first friend birthday party (in the past we have only celebrated with family). Carter and his friend, Jackson, had a joint birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. They had SO much fun! We limited the guest list to their preschool class and almost every one was able to come. Carter had been anticipating this party for weeks! He had been planning his pirate party since summer 2008. It has definitely been a long time coming!

Carter with his pirate cake. He has asked for this cake since last summer. It is always on display at Publix and he usually asks about it every week. I could not even think about getting him any other cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

Carter and Jackson blowing out their candles!

Seth eating the yummy birthday cake!

Carter getting his birthday medal from Chuck-e-Cheese. He is so proud of his medal!

Jackson and Carter playing air hockey.

Seth LOVES Chuck-E-Cheese! We had a hard time keeping track of him. He would run off and be across the room taking someone else’s tokens before we turned around. Needless to say, he enjoyed Carter’s birthday party as much as Carter did! ๐Ÿ™‚

Carter opening his gifts from all his friends!

3 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. It was a fun party:) Great pictures…Jackson and Carter’s air hockey games were intense! I will try update my blog with pictures from the party.


  2. How fun! That brings back lots of good memories from when I was little! Looks like Carter had a blast! That cake was from Publix??? I’m highly impressed!!!!Love,K


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