Christmas in Review

We had a great Christmas this year! We visited all of our family and enjoyed every day away from our normal routine. The boys had so much fun this year opening up presents and playing with all of their family. Here are our pictures:

Clisty, Carter, and Seth playing cars at Aunt Connie’s house.

This toy has been such a hit! Carter and Seth playing at Nana and Papa’s house on Christmas Eve. We spent a few days before Christmas at their house.

Playing with Seth’s new toolbench!

The boys ready to go to our Christmas Eve service at Church. What a great picture of them!

Carter pouring food for the reindeer while Seth gets the cookies ready for Santa.

Christmas morning – playing with the new train table from Santa!

Carter’s favorite toys were the things in his stocking. He loves art!

The weather was terrible, so we let him play with his new scooter in the house on Christmas day.

Opening up presents at Grandma’s house the day after Christmas.

Daddy and his sweet Seth!

Seth wearing his new toolbelt and all his tools!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Review

  1. Nice train layout. Funny the things “boy moms” notice, isn’t it!?! Is it still in once piece or have they destroyed–I mean “rearranged”–it? I build elaborate tracks for Thatcher, then it kills me when he rips them apart to build his own. Doesn’t he know it’s really MY toy? Danielle


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