Beginning of Christmas pictures…

Our Christmas activities are well under way. Last weekend we had a brunch with our LIFE Group followed by pictures with Santa. Seth is absolutely in love with Santa. He asks every day, “Where Ho-Ho-Ho?” I knew we did not have to worry about him sitting in Santa’s lap. Carter was very excited about telling Santa what he wanted even though he changes his mind every day. 🙂

Kelsey reading to Carter and Ella at the Christmas Brunch.

Seth and his buddy, Cooper, checking out the train under the Christmas tree.

Seth had this funny expression on his face throughout most of the pictures. He kept looking around at everyone with the look of, “what are you people looking at??” Too funny…

Almost a smile…

After the boys came home and took a nap, we started making our Christmas candy. The boys wanted to help, so I pulled up their chairs and they helped me mix up the ingredients. They quickly lost interest, but I did manage to get it all done. 🙂

Seth pulled up to the counter to help me. What a cutie!

I was doing laundry yesterday when I heard Carter ask Seth if he could read to him. When I caught them with the camera, Carter was reading (singing) his Up on the Housetop book to Seth. Sweet!

One thought on “Beginning of Christmas pictures…

  1. What great pictures! I’m impressed both of them sat on Santa’s lap! That’s too cute that Carter asked to read to Seth! We can’t wait to see you in a few days!Love,K


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