Halloween 2008

It seems like we have been celebrating Halloween in our house for a long time. 🙂 Carter has talked about trick-or-treating and dressing up for several weeks now. Carter decided a long time ago that he wanted to be a knight. Seth wore Carter’s old costume – a cute, little plush dragon. Our festivities began last Saturday when the boys carved their pumpkins with Zach. Zach’s parents were down here to play with the boys.
Carter loved reaching his hands in and pulling out the “goo”. Seth wouldn’t touch it!

Trying to pose with Grandma and Grandpa –the boys were extremely hyper (if you can’t tell)! The boys spent Friday night and Saturday at their house and had so much fun!

On Sunday night we went to our church’s annual Trunk-or-Treat. Instead of trick-or-treating from house to house, people decorate their car trunks or trucks for kids. It has grown into quite a huge event. I’m not sure how many people were there, but I would guess well over a thousand. It was so crowded and crazy that by the time it was over, we were all 4 exhausted (but had so much fun). The boys were so tired when they got home, they did not even look at or ask for their candy. They had a lot of fun the next morning going through it all. Carter went piece by piece and Seth just dumped the whole pumpkin over and started trying to open candy wrappers.

What a cutie!

Our brave knight!

Craig and Kasey played with the boys at Trunk-or-Treat. We’re so glad we go to church with them!

Going through the candy on Monday morning after Trunk-or-treat.

On Thursday, Carter had his preschool halloween party. I was one of the moms in charge, so we baked pumpkin cookies and made treat bags on Wednesday. Carter (and Seth) loved helping with this. Carter changed his mind on Thursday morning and decided that he wanted to wear his spiderman costume. There were 3 spidermans in his classroom…they all looked so cute!

Three strong Spidermans showing off their muscles!

On Friday, we went over to a friend’s house and had dinner and then the Daddys took all the kids out to trick-or-treat. The boys had so much fun. Seth couldn’t say, “trick-or-treat” but he could say “thank you.” It was very sweet. It was a great week of Halloween fun, but now I am just wondering what I am going to do with all this candy????

One last picture before the night ends.

One thought on “Halloween 2008

  1. i’m glad we’re not the only ones who celebrated halloween for weeks! but it was definitely worth it. great pics. your boys are so cute!


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