Until we return…

We are headed to Destin tomorrow for a much needed vacation! Zach and I are so ready for a vacation and the boys are excited! They always get excited when the suitcases are out and we’re packing, even though they usually don’t even know where we’re going. 🙂

Here are a few pictures from this past week. Have a great weekend!

Seth in his sunglasses…he’s ready for the beach!

Carter LOVES to paint! He can trace over his name with finger paint. He is so proud! (Yes, that is a black eye. While Carter and Zach were playing baseball last weekend, Zach hit Carter with the baseball. Zach feels terrible, but Carter understands and tells everyone it was an accident).

I had to sneak the camera to the table one night and take a picture of Seth folding his hands to pray. So sweet! He only lasts about 5 seconds or so and then he just gives up and starts eating whether we’re done praying or not. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Until we return…

  1. Cute brothers! Jackson will miss Carter at school this week. Love the pic of Seth praying. At dinner, Jackson will say, “Drew was quiet during the prayer.”


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