A day in the life…

Most nights at our house involve some sort of wrestling or tackling (please tell me my boys aren’t the only ones). Since football has started, Carter has started wearing his helmet around and pretending to do each play with the players on tv. Seth is just as excited about all this activity as Carter. In fact, usually Seth is the one to instigate the behavior. He loves to try to tackle Carter and then they spend the next few minutes rolling around on the floor before someone starts to cry. I have given up trying to referee every match that they have; otherwise I would spend every day, almost all day telling them to get off of each other. It is part of who they are as boys and as long as it goes no further than our house, I’m fine with it (most of the time). A few nights ago, Zach got out the camera to witness some of their action.

Seth puts the helmet on every day, despite the fact that it is way too big for him. He can’t see, but it doesn’t bother him or stop him from wearing it! 🙂

One thought on “A day in the life…

  1. Well at least Carter and Seth have sort of broke me in on the boy thing! I’ll just have to push him off on Spencer when he wants to wrestle! Those are really cute pictures!Love,K


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