The little things…

Today we went to a local fruit/vegetable stand to stock up on some fresh produce. I hesitated to go because I knew it would be difficult to keep track of both boys while shopping (unfortunately I can’t use the stroller there.) Carter helped me pick tomatoes, corn, and cantaloupe. Seth found a green pepper first thing and would not let go of it. He carried his pepper the entire time there, the way home, and for a good 30 minutes after we got in the house. They both had a good time and Carter asked when we could go back as soon as we were in the car.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t do enough with the boys – take them fun places, go on several vacations a year, sign them up for classes, and so forth. But after a day like this – playing outside, doing laundry (which they love – I know that sounds crazy), and going to a vegetable stand, I realize that I don’t need to worry. Kids enjoy the little things and more than anything else, they enjoy spending time with their family. All that other stuff is great but it is not a necessity at this stage in their little lives. I need to stop worrying and enjoy these days with both of them at home. Okay, enough of that. Here are some pictures from our day.

Seth and his three loves – his paci, bear, and pepper! šŸ™‚

If I’m taking a picture of Seth, I have to take one of Carter as well. He doesn’t let you forget about him!

Seth pointing to the dog across the street. He loves animals!

Seth thinks he is such a big boy. For his afternoon snack, he has to have a big boy cup just like Carter. He has already had a juice box and loves to drink from Carter’s lemonade when we go out to eat. It is really sweet to see how much he looks up to Carter.

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