A great, long weekend!

We had such a great 4th of July! It was so nice to have a 3 day weekend with all of us at home and no traveling! We had friends over on Friday and had so much fun. We grilled out and spent most of the afternoon outside. The kids had a great time playing together! The rest of the weekend we stayed home and spent most of it outside. The boys played in the sprinkler on Saturday and loved it! I didn’t get any pictures but it was a great afternoon. Here are some pictures from the rest of our weekend.

4th of July fun with our friends! Seth thought he was such a big boy sitting on the picnic table with the big kids.

This was definitely Seth’s favorite thing of the night. He loved his first popsicle and didn’t move until he had eaten every bite of it!

Every few bites, Seth would smack his lips and go “Ummmm” (yum)! It was really cute!

On Saturday night we let the boys make their own pizzas for dinner. They had a lot of fun and each of them ate 1/2 of their own pizza. 🙂

Grandma gave the boys a tent and tunnel last week. We set it up in the dining room and they love playing in their with Daddy. Carter is on top of Zach in the tunnel and they are trying to convince Seth to come in and join them.

Seth loves to “talk” on the phone right now. He picks up the phone and says hello and then he walks around the room talking jibberish. It is really cute! And yes…he is FINALLY walking!

One thought on “A great, long weekend!

  1. thanks again for a great time on the 4th! we had a great time. i’m still in shock that andrew went to sleep over there.


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