Play days and more swimming

Carter had his first swimming lesson on Monday. It went really well! When he first met his teacher she asked him if he would like to go sit on the steps to get used to the water. His answer was quick, “No, I want to get in the water and swim.” 🙂 I was so happy. He spent the next 1/2 hour learning how to kick and moving around the pool with his teacher. We go back on Thursday for lesson #2 and he is ready! Here he is with the new gear that he said he had to have for swimming:

Carter and Miss Ellen practicing kicking.

Carter in his new goggles! He also has a spiderman kickboard to take on Thursday.

Seth really wanted to try on the goggles. Seth also really wanted in the pool. It was a huge struggle to keep him away from the water. He LOVES the water!

After swimming lessons, I took Carter over to play with Jackson. He really misses his friends from preschool, especially Jackson. We have both moved in the past two months, so they haven’t had an opportunity to be together very much. They had a lot of fun together.

Too funny…the boys were in the same shirt (not planned)!

Riding in the gator!

Seth pretty much walks everywhere now (finally!!). He had fun pushing around the shopping cart and putting sticks and leaves in it.

The work on the house continues. We have made pretty good progress, but there is still a lot to do. Carter and Seth are always right there to help. Seth is so proud when he gets to help Daddy…his whole face lights up!

Seth handing Daddy the screwdriver.

Zach and I finished painting the dining room this week. I LOVE it! Now all we need is some dining room furniture! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Play days and more swimming

  1. Jackson was so glad Carter came to play and Seth, too. The pics of them are great! I absolutely love your dining room. The color is awesome.


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