Swimming and Playing

Over the last week, we have started to settle back into our old routine. The boys have enjoyed playing with their toys in the new playroom. Seth has loved exploring every inch of this house. He has officially been into everything and can even open the doors to closets and the garage. He requires constant watching! 🙂

Our little pirate! Carter is still obsessed with pirates and recently got a
new eye patch that he loves to wear. He is also obsessed with his VBS shirt…he loves to wear his green shirt!

What a great picture of Seth! Even though he can be very mischievous, he is such a sweet cuddler. He constantly crawls up in our lap to snuggle with his bear and paci…it is very sweet.

We have also spent a lot of time outside playing with the swingset and other toys. He have bought the boys a few new toys to play with outside. Carter got a “real” golf club and some lightweight golf balls and has spent hours hitting those balls. We got Seth a water table to play with and he LOVES it! The last thing we bought was a little pool. Carter has always been terrified of pools and we thought this may be a small start to getting him in the water. I’m so excited to say that Carter loved it today! Seth did as well, but I knew he would. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. 🙂

What a sweet picture!

I wish you could see Seth’s face better…he has such a funny look!

The boys loved splashing and throwing water. When we were walking in after playing, Carter announced that he was ready to play in the big pool with Ella Ann. I hope he is ready for the big pool because he starts private swimming lessons on Monday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Swimming and Playing

  1. Oh how fun! Sounds like all of you are really enjoying the house and the yard! Those new toys sound awesome! Ella Ann would love that pool and water table! She will be so happy when Carter hops in the pool with her! Love,K


  2. Carter and Seth have to come swimming with us soon or maybe we need to come to your super cool backyard with all the fun toys. Good luck with swimming lessons. We are doing that at the end of July.


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