We’re in!

The past two weeks have been full of emotion. We have experienced a new house, left our old house (which was harder than we thought it would be), had a crazy schedule with VBS, and worried about my grandmother. I am praying that things are falling back into place and we can feel settled in our new house.
From the beginning Zach and I have been worried about Carter and how he will do with the move. He is our sensitive child and very much wants everything to stay the same. He actually cried when we first told him we were moving to a new house. He is all about order and is crushed by a firm voice or harsh look. Despite all this, I am so happy that Carter has done great! He loves his new house and his new room. He really loves his backyard and his awesome swingset. He has occasionally asked about the old house, curious as to who is living there and if they have any furniture (“since we took it all.”) Seth has also done great! He is my little explorer and has loved having new things to get into. He loves the steps and all the windows that are down on his level. He has really adjusted well! Zach and I had a harder time leaving the old house than we thought we would. We LOVED that house and all the memories it held. It was hard leaving but we also like our new house and know that it will be so much better for our family.
Here are some pictures from the last two weeks:

Carter at the top of all the boxes in the family room.

I think Carter probably picked me 10 clover bouquets during our first few days at the new house. He has never had a yard that actually had weeds (oops…flowers) in it. 🙂

Seth has become my little helper. He loves to help with laundry, closing doors, and picking up. Usually Carter occupies the stool, but Seth got there first this time and was so proud to help Mommy!

This is little Carter in front of all the wood that will become his swingset. What a task! Zach thinks it took about 35 man hours to put that thing together!

Seth loves the picnic table under the swingset. He can climb all the way up himself. He is our little monkey!

Climbing up his new rock wall…thanks Daddy, Papa, and Grandpa for helping assemble the playset!

Seth watching Papa trim the bushes. He really wanted to help.

Happy Father’s Day! My boys are blessed with such an amazing Daddy!

2 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. Boy that swingset is impressive! 35 man hours? Craziness!! That’s funny we both have pictures of our little helpers on the blog this week! We sure miss you all! Have a good week!Love,K


  2. So glad you all are in and getting adjusted. we are so happy you are in the neighborhood…see you around!!


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