Packing up!

We have been very busy at our house trying to pack up everything to prepare for our move next week. It has been quite a challenge with two little ones running around trying to unpack everything we pack up. Carter has finally understood that his toys are being packed to go to his new house so he is pretty good about helping me, but Seth is quite destructive and loves to throw things out of the boxes! Needless to say, I do a lot of packing during naptime and after they have gone to bed.

Carter loves to help me pick out boxes from the garage to bring in to pack. He picked out this one today and wanted to pack it all by himself. Guess what he put inside? No surprise here: balls! He had me tape up the top and put a label on it, just like all our other boxes. 🙂

Our little monkey loves to climb on the jungle gym of boxes in the kitchen. He sat on this box for a good 5 minutes this morning before I made him get down because it was caving in on him.

We have taken time out to do some other things with the boys. Last Sunday afternoon we took them to the zoo. This was the first time all four of us had been together. They had a great time and Seth loved getting out the wagon and pointing to the animals. Carter always loves the zoo, but was especially into the bridges this time. He loves to find grass, sticks, etc.. and throw them into the water (thanks Papa)! The entire time we were there he was searching for water. 🙂
I only have this one picture because our camera wasn’t working right. Seth is staring at the giraffes. We had a great time!

What a mess! I had to include this one of Seth after eating his black beans. He is such a picky eater! He won’t eat hardly anything except pb & j and black beans. And if he doesn’t like it, watch out, because he will throw it and he already has a pretty good little arm. Dinner time around here is quite an adventure! 🙂

Video to come soon of Carter playing baseball and Seth taking some of his first steps…

2 thoughts on “Packing up!

  1. That is so cute that Carter packed up his own box of balls!! Looks like you all are ready to go!! Can’t wait to see the new home made your own!Love,K


  2. great pictures. i can sympathize with you on the picky eater stuff, but david usually doesn’t throw food at me–anymore that is! 🙂


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