An update!

It has been longer than usual since I have had the time to post to the blog. We’ve had company several times and a lot going on. First, Zach is completely better! He is over the pneumonia and back to his normal life. He was even able to get up this morning and run, something he hasn’t been able to do for a long time. Carter’s allergies have been fine and he has not had any problems either. I am so thankful!
It is easier to post pictures and tell you what we’ve been doing through the pictures:

My entire family visited a couple of weekends ago and spent the weekend. We had fun together and the kids really enjoyed being together. Carter pouts for an hour or so after Ella Ann leaves. He always wishes she could stay longer.

The kids are starting to get too big for the green chair! Seth is all squashed in the middle. πŸ™‚ We’re going to have to find a new spot!

Papa, Nana, Carter, Ella Ann, and Seth before Church.

We sold our house! We are finally able to get out all the boys’ toys and chairs that we hid while we were showing the house. Seth loves his chair and sits there all the time. Of course, he prefers Carter’s big chair. You can imagine the battle that starts!

This week is Carter’s last week of preschool. Last week I went up there on Tuesday to eat a picnic lunch with him and his friends. It was “fun day” at school…they spent the whole day outside! Carter had so much fun!

On Thursday, Carter’s preschool class had “Moments with Mom” to celebrate Mother’s Day. Carter gave me three precious gifts and ate a little snack with me. It was special!

On Friday, I took the boys to Kentucky to visit my grandmothers. Spencer, Katie, and Ella Ann were also there. We crowded all three of them on Nanny’s lap for a picture.

We did the same at Granny’s house!

I had to include this one of Seth. What a precious face! He is such a sweetie, but also so mischievous! I have always said that Carter is my rule follower and now I can say for certain that Seth is my little rule-breaker. He will wait and do something he is not supposed to do until someone is watching him. It is like he wants to be caught! πŸ™‚ The “terrible twos” may be quite different this time around!

Mother’s Day with my two favorite boys!

We baked chocolate chip cookies for our small group on Sunday night. Zach snapped this cute picture of Seth devouring his cookie. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “An update!

  1. What great pictures! We really enjoyed our time with you all too. Ella Ann really misses the boys! Thanks again for letting us stay! Love,K


  2. Love all the pictures! Seth stories are too funny. We need to plan a bowling trip soon, so the boys can be happy.


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