Where do I start?

My last post seems like a lifetime ago. We have had a very eventful, busy, not so fun few weeks. For Zach it started several weeks ago (probably about 6 weeks) with bronchitis. He would get better for a few days and then get sick again. He had a chest x-ray done and blood work and nothing showed up. Fast forward to this week and he started getting so much worse. He was gasping for air at times and we knew something was really wrong. He spent yesterday back at the doctor and had a CT scan. Today he was diagnosed with pneumonia. A pretty severe case of pneumonia. It is affecting two lobes of his left lung and he was pretty close to a hospital visit. Thankfully the doctor was able to give him a shot and some medication that should take care of everything. Right now we are praying the medication works and sometime soon I have my husband back and the boys have their Daddy back. It has been a LONG few weeks…
This time last week poor Carter was battling a major eye infection. It started out as allergies (or at least we think it did). He spent an hour blowing on dandelions in the park and the next morning his eyes were swollen shut when he woke up. I don’t know that it was the dandelions, but we are definitely avoiding them for the present time. The allergies quickly turned into an eye infection and by Saturday morning we were on antibiotic eye drops. For 4 days straight, his eyes were swollen and matted shut when he woke up. He would wake up and yell, “I can’t see!” It really broke my heart and I’m so glad we are over that. I am religious about his allergy medicine and really make sure he scrubs his hands and arms when he comes in from playing outside.
It feels strange to say that I feel really blessed tonight, but I do. Some people deal with illness in their families every day and I can’t imagine how hard that would be. I am so grateful to be blessed with a normally healthy family. Hopefully in a matter of days Zach will be better and we can put this illness and difficult month behind us.
I’ll leave you with a few pictures

Poor Carter. This was actually on a pretty good day…

By Monday Carter’s eyes were better. I took him to see Froggy at the bookstore. My friend Megan and her little girl, Ella Grace, met us there. Storytime was not so impressive, but they loved Froggy!

My stress level was sky high last night and therefore it was time for chocolate. I didn’t have any in the house so I pulled out my church cookbook and made a fabulous chocolate cobbler! It was just what I needed! 🙂 Of course I had two little helpers the entire time so it took forever. I can’t believe Seth looks semi-happy in this picture because he was not. He screamed the entire time because he wasn’t up there with Carter and me. 🙂

One thought on “Where do I start?

  1. Good grief Mandy! I can’t believe Zach has pneumonia!! I’m so sorry you all have been battling some infection or sickness for so long! I hope you are on the road to recovery. The chocolate cobbler sounds awesome! Good destresser for sure! Can’t wait to see you all soon!Love,K


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