Happy Easter!

We had so much fun this weekend! On Friday the boys and I went to Kentucky to visit my grandmothers and aunt while we had new carpet put down in the house. We had a great visit at Aunt Connie’s house. When we got home, Zach’s parents were here waiting for us. They took care of the boys while Zach and I put the house back together after the carpet install. Needless to say, we were exhausted Friday night and slept very good! The boys had fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

On Saturday we went to the church Easter egg hunt. A family from our church hosted the event. They have an awesome play area, complete with a pirate ship. As you can imagine, Carter was in heaven! He loved it. Seth was very content to watch everyone else play. He doesn’t really care for the grass, so he was happy in his stroller. The kids played for a while before they started the hunt. Carter found so many eggs! He had so much fun opening them up when we got home.

Happy in his stroller with an egg!

Carter is not really sure what to think of the Easter Bunny.

All smiles for the bunny this time!

Carter’s basket was overflowing by the time the hunt ended!

This morning the boys found their Easter baskets and enjoyed playing with their new toys. Seth got a little ball and bat (since he loves Carter’s) and a toy truck. Carter got a pirate puzzle, markers, and a kite. After opening the baskets we left for church. The boys looked so nice in their new clothes (even though it was really cold)!

Carter and Seth checking out their baskets.

I love this picture of Seth!

All dressed up and ready for Church!

For the past few years we have had Easter lunch with some of our close friends from church. We continued the tradition this year. Lunch was great and the kids enjoyed playing outside together and having another egg hunt. After we got home, Carter and Zach went back outside to fly the kite a little bit more. It was cold, but a great day to fly a kite! Seth crashed and took a nap! I’m pretty sure this weekend has worn him out. 🙂

All the kids with their Easter baskets. (As you can see, Seth didn’t really cooperate!)

Carter loves the swing set…especially the big slide!

Daddy and Carter flying their kite in the cul-de-sac this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. What a pair! Keep spending the family time and smelling the “family roses” as you go through life. You guys will never regret a momnet.Thanks for keeping your blog updated.Love – Papa


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