Our Wild Child!

Over the past several weeks, Seth’s personality has really exploded. He is so different than Carter. Carter is so clingy and loves nothing more than sitting in my lap. Seth loves his snuggle time too, but won’t sit still for long. He explores from room to room going through everything. He pulls clothes out of all our drawers, gets into every cabinet (especially in the bathroom), loves to pull all our shoes out of the closet, and really, really loves the trash and toilet paper! Needless to say, he keeps me busy!

He also has quite the temper – just the opposite of Carter who is so sensitive. When Carter gets in trouble, he cries (even when all we do is raise our voice). When Seth gets in trouble, he screams in anger. He kicks his legs and will go right back and repeat his offense. He is so stubborn! Evidently from what I’ve heard, he is just like his Daddy. Carter, I can testify, is just like me! So funny to watch them grow and be so different. They are both precious and we are just learning to deal with each of them differently. As you’ll see in these pictures, Seth is already quite a “mess”!!

Seth’s response to Daddy telling him No!
What a face! Seth is much more of a daredevil than Carter ever was.

Yes, he is on the coffee table! He used the tub (in the previous picture) to climb up on the coffee table. No assistance was given! He is obviously quite proud of his accomplishment!

Look at the dimples!

He has such a pouty face. When he doesn’t get his way (which is often lately), he can definitely throw a fit.

Trying to sneak around the baskets to get in the fireplace. Seth is always into something!!

2 thoughts on “Our Wild Child!

  1. What a wild child! 🙂 I can’t believe he got up on your coffee table by himself! That’s impressive! We miss you all! Happy Easter!love,K


  2. those are some great pictures. i can’t wait to see how different my boys are. they are already pretty different, but it sounds like i’m in for quite a ride.


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