Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is Carter’s 3rd birthday! I feel like we have been celebrating for over a week now. Ever since Seth’s birthday, he has asked if it his birthday yet. We had his party last Saturday, celebrated at preschool yesterday, and went to Chuck-E-Cheese tonight to celebrate as a family. This was Carter’s (and Zach’s and Seth’s) first Chuck-E-Cheese experience.

On the way to Chuck E Cheese!

There were even a few rides that Seth could do. He was great and very patient sitting in the high chair most of the time while Carter played all the games.

Carter loved playing air hockey with Daddy!

This picture was taken at the end. Carter was pouting because it was time to leave and Seth was finally happy to be out of the high chair so he was trying to grab everything on the table! Time was definitely UP!

It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago that Carter surpised us with his early entrance into this world. It definitely rocked our world and life has never been the same (for which we are so grateful)! Something tells me this will be our most challenging year to date as the 3s are starting out much more difficult than those dreaded 2s (which weren’t so bad).

February 2005

February 2006

February 2007

February 2008

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Carter!

  1. Wow! Looks like you all had a fun adventure at Chuck E Cheese! I love that place! Hope you had a good birthday, Carter!Love,Katie


  2. wow! i can’t believe carter is 3! i love that you posted pictures from every year. it is neat to see how much he’s grown. i’m glad he had such a fun birthday.


  3. I can’t believe he is 3! That is crazy. Very cute pics. I’m so glad those boys finally got to experience Chuck E Cheese. We haven’t taken Ty yet, but I think the day is near! You are such a great Mommy!


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