Party Time (again)!!

We celebrated Carter’s 3rd birthday tonight with our families. For the past week every morning Carter has asked if it is his birthday party yet. Needless to say, he was VERY excited this morning when we could finally answer YES!!! He chose a Curious George theme and we had so much fun picking out everything for his party. His friend Jackson even let him borrow a Curious George shirt! It was a long day waiting for everyone to get here at 4:00 so that he could open his presents. When the time finally came, he had a great time opening gifts and didn’t want any help this year. He got so many favorites I can’t even name them all! After presents and pizza, we finally got to enjoy his adorable George cake. It was a great day and one that Carter will remember for a long time!

Carter asked to eat cake probably no less than 100 times today! He LOVES cake!

Working on a package!

Ever since he saw the Veggie Tale Pirate movie, Carter is convinced he is a pirate. He wears his pirate costume at least 2 days a week. He was so excited to finally get his own sword!

Seth was right there with us most of the time while Carter opened his gifts. Seth tried so hard to swipe Carter’s sword, but Carter noticed every time and was not ready to share!

We tried to put Seth’s hat on him, but it resulted in major tears! He was very interested in Carter’s hat though.

I can’t believe my baby is 3!!!

2 thoughts on “Party Time (again)!!

  1. Looks like you all (especially Carter!!) had a good time!! That cake looks really nice! You’re friend did a good job! Sorry to have missed all the fun! I was looking forward to your post!Love,K


  2. What an awesome party! The cake is amazing! Carter looks adorable in the Curious George shirt. He is going to have to get one. I cannot believe our boys are 3. We are so glad Carter and Jackson are friends!


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