Happy Birthday Seth!

One year ago….
Carter meeting his baby brother for the first time. I’m sure Carter can’t even remember life before “Seff”. 🙂
Seth in the hospital ready to come home!
Today is Seth’s first birthday! It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since we were at the hospital having our second little boy. The past year has been such a blessing for our family. Seth’s first few months started out a little rough, with a mild case of colic (is there really such a thing?!), a milk allergy, and reflux. But after the first four months, he has been such an easy baby! He is so happy and is quite content to play on the floor with his toys! He seems to have outgrown his milk allergy, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and whole milk yogurt. He isn’t walking yet, but can get wherever he wants by crawling. He pulled up for the first time a couple of weeks ago and says “dadadadada” constantly (Zach is very proud)!

The birthday boy on his special day!

Mommy and Seth before his birthday lunch.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Seth!

  1. Hope you all had a fun day, despite the shots!! He’s so cute! I still can’t believe he’s already 1!!! We miss you all!Love,K


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