Growing up!

In one week Seth will turn one. I can hardly believe it. I’ll allow myself to reminisce next week on his actual birthday, but I wanted to post a few “firsts” for Seth. Seth pulled all the way up for the first time last week. He now does it everywhere…especially on the arm of Carter’s chair. I think that is his favorite place to be. I don’t think Carter feels the same way. 🙂 Here are a few pictures of Seth’s newest trick:

Seth has so many toys, yet he plays with the humidifier!

Seth playing with the kitchen! He loves the kitchen.

Seth also got his first hair cut today. It wasn’t much of a cut, just a trim around the sides and back. He did great…no tears at all! Such a different experience than we had with Carter who cried during his entire first cut. Seth looks so cute with his new little haircut!

Seth in the car before his haircut.

Such a big boy in the chair!

Seth loved the green car that Miss Becky let him play with while she cut his hair.

We’re getting ready for the birthday party this weekend! I’ll post pictures Sunday…

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