Family Weekend

This past weekend my entire family came to visit. Mom, Dad, Spencer, Katie, and Ella Ann got here on Friday and Craig and Kasey came over as well. We had a great visit! The kids had so much fun playing together. Ella Ann and Carter are so fun to watch and absolutely love to play together. Seth tried to keep up, but usually they were leaving the room by the time he caught up with them. He didn’t get discouraged though…he just turned around and started after them again! 🙂

Carter and Ella Ann loved pretending to sleep! This was the only time they sat still the entire weekend!

Carter and Ella Ann both love to read! This time they were making Papa read the tractor book to them.

Carter and Seth love to play under the table. Carter likes for me to build a fort and play under there with them. In this picture Carter had all his tools out and was pretending to “fix” the table. Seth just likes to take all of Carter’s tools!

Carter and Ella Ann took turns driving each other around the house on the Gator.

Carter and Ella Ann hanging out in the new basket while they watch the Veggie Tale pirate sing along. Carter is holding on to his pretend hook and sword so that he can “fight with the pirates.”

On Sunday afternoon, Mom, the boys, and I went to Kentucky to visit my grandmothers. They love it when the boys visit and Carter and Seth kept them very well entertained!

Seth, Nanny, and Carter. The boys had so much fun exploring Nanny’s house!

Carter found this old tractor in Nanny’s basement. He made her tape the flag on it and he was off!

Carter, Granny, and Seth reading in the rocking chair. They both spent a lot of time in Granny’s lap!

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