Back to normal…

We spent this week getting back to “normal”. All the holiday decortions are down and the boys have settled back into their normal routine. We also had an exciting week because we potty-trained Carter. What a big step! I do have to brag a minute and say it was so easy! Last Friday (12/28), we took the plunge and put him in his big-boy underwear. He had 6 accidents between Friday and Saturday and hasn’t had one since. I’m sure that is mostly because he is almost 3! He thinks he is so big and is quite proud of himself! I’m just happy that we don’t have to buy diapers for two anymore!

Carter helping Daddy work!

Seth can’t quite get up to standing position by himself, but will stand there for a while if you stand him up. He is 11 months old tomorrow!

Mom came this weekend because Dad is out of the country. We had a great visit and the boys loved having their Nana around. Craig and Kasey came over while Mom was here and also on New Year’s Day. We have been blessed to have a lot of family around. I know it means a lot to our boys and to us!

Uncle Craig and Seth on New Year’s Day. Seth LOVES the computer. We are never able to sit it down on the floor!

Carter, Nana, and Seth playing with Seth’s LeapFrog worm. Both boys were pretty competitive with Nana’s time!

Ready for Church this morning.

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