Christmas 2007!

We had a great Christmas! The boys opened so many presents and had so much fun playing with new toys and family! We definitely don’t need any new toys for a LONG time! We visited lots of family and I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

We started the long holiday weekend on Thursday at Carter’s preschool program. It was so much fun and we were so proud of him singing up on stage! Lots of his family was there to cheer him on!

On Sunday, my entire family traveled to Kentucky to visit my extended family. Both of my grandmothers, as well as lots of other family, were at my Aunt Connie’s house. We had such a good time with everyone!

Carter loves the racing trucks he got from his Great-Uncle Mike and Great-Aunt Vickie!

Carter, Clisty, Seth, and Jill playing with all the toys!

Seth snuggling with his new dog and his Great-Aunt Connie!

We came home on Sunday evening. First thing Monday morning, Carter and Ella Ann were in the kitchen baking cookies for Santa! They had so much fun rolling out the dough, cutting shapes, and adding sprinkles!

Seth spent the holiday weekend recovering from double ear infections and two new teeth! He is still having some major drool problems, but he is feeling much better! Now if we could just get him to sleep through the night again… 🙂

Carter loves his Diego rescue pack! He has it packed with as much stuff as he can fit in there!

This is pretty much what Seth did the entire time my family opened gifts–he played with the paper! He tore up every piece he could get his hands on!

Carter and Papa opening up his Car City Rug. He loves to race his cars on it!

All the kids in their new jammies from their Uncle Craig and Aunt Kasey. They looked so cute together!

Seth and Carter with their cookies for Santa. No, they are not holding hands trying to be cute… Carter is trying to keep Seth from touching the cookies. His favorite word right now is “MINE”!!

On Christmas day, Zach’s family came down to visit after the boys opened their gifts from Santa. It was a nice day and Carter even got to spend some time outside! He has his rescue pack on (and full of balls) while he hikes the football. He even learned a cute little touchdown dance!

Zach’s family in front of the Christmas tree!

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