Time at home…

Although we have been extremely busy, we have had a lot of fun around the house lately. Last Friday Zach and I went to his Christmas party and Craig and Kasey kept the boys. Carter and Seth love it when they come over. Carter asked for them all day Saturday! We are lucky to have such wonderful babysitters! Here are a couple of pictures from Friday:

Ready to go outside!

They love to play with the tree!

On Saturday we had pictures with Santa. The boys both sat on Santa and Mrs. Claus’s lap without any tears! Carter decided on Saturday morning that he was ready to sit on his lap. Santa asked him what he wanted and Carter informed him that he wanted his own computer! Such a sign of the times…a two year old asking for a computer!

Seth was very interested in Mrs. Claus. He stared at her the whole time!

Saturday afternoon Zach and Carter raked leaves. The pictures speak for themselves!

Seth is into everything! He loves the tree and spends a lot of the day underneath it exploring all the lights and ornaments. Most of my gifts no longer have bows because he has tried to eat all of them! He loves the fireplace as well and Carter has even started telling him no about the fireplace. It is so much fun to see him crawling, but it has definitely kept me busy. His first tooth broke through this evening as well. I just love this age!

Sunday morning before church.

This is where Seth spends a lot of his day!

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