Lots of family…

On Friday, Carter, Seth, and I went to Kentucky to visit my extended family. Carter always looks forward to going to his Aunt Connie’s house. He loves to play outside and play with all her cars. Seth loved rolling around and chewing on some new toys! I got some great pictures…

Seth loved the singing dogs and loved clapping to the music!

Carter convinced his Nanny (great-grandmother) to go outside and play soccer with him!

Seth hanging out with his Aunt Connie

On Saturday, Zach’s mom and dad came down for the day. They kept the boys while we went to a friend’s baby shower. The boys had a lot of fun and Carter really loved making cookies with Grandma! Carter was very proud to show off his new big boy bed and Seth impressed Grandma and Grandpa with his ability to roll anywhere to get what he wants. 🙂

Carter and Grandma rolling out cookie dough.

Grandma, Grandpa, Seth, and Carter

Grandma and Seth hugging on the couch!

Here are a couple of random pictures from the weekend:

Our neighbors were setting off fireworks and the boys loved watching! (We have no idea why they were sitting off fireworks 🙂 )

I just had to post this picture of Seth. He has the chubbiest cheeks and I just love kissing on them!!

2 thoughts on “Lots of family…

  1. Such good pictures! I love Carter’s chef’s hat! We miss you all! Ella Ann is looking forward to seeing Carter and Seth next week! Talk to you soon!Love,Katie


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