On Saturday our family went to Gentry’s Farm to pick our own pumpkins. The farm also had several things for Carter to do – a hay maze, digging in dried corn, a market area and more. We had a great time! The weather was awesome and we really enjoyed the time together doing something that all of us enjoy. We saw several friends there and even left with a pumpkin that Carter picked himself.

Seth hanging out in his stroller

Carter went down all the big slides by himself. He is much less intimidated by things since he started preschool in September. He LOVES preschool!

Carter in the hay maze

Seth was way too interested in the grass to look up for a picture. I tried for quite a while to get a cute picture!
Again with the grass…

After the boys’ naps, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. We carved Carter and Seth’s pumpkins and played. Carter really enjoyed scooping the pumpkin seeds into some bowls that I gave him and Seth loved pulling the blanket away so that he could get to the grass (I don’t think he ate too much!).

The boys watched Zach closely the entire time he carved the pumpkins.

The final result!
(What you don’t see in this picture is Seth taking a head first tumble off the step to try to get to the grass…that happened about 2 seconds after this picture was snapped!)

What a great, relaxing weekend! Hope you all had the same!

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