Our little chef!

Carter is quite the little chef lately. About a month or two ago, I let him help me fix oatmeal and he has now decided that cooking is one of his favorite things to do! It doesn’t matter what we’re cooking, he pulls his chair up, gets his apron and hat on, and helps!

In other news, my mom visited this weekend. My dad is traveling overseas and we were happy to have her spend the weekend with us. We had a great time! Carter cried for quite a while when she left. Zach and I did some major shopping on Saturday while Mom watched the boys. We had so much fun together!

Sunday night Carter developed croup (again). He woke up about 11:30 wheezing and coughing. Zach and I knew immediately what he had. After an hour or so leaning over the humidifier, his wheezing stopped and he was able to fall back asleep on the floor beside me. It was quite a night! We are so thankful that it has been a MUCH milder case this time and he seems to be totally better. He has been on medicine since Monday morning. We are just praying that Seth doesn’t get it!

3 thoughts on “Our little chef!

  1. I am so sorry that Carter got croop again. That really stinks. Hopefully Seth has a strong immune sys. and won’t get it! I love the cooking pics! Ella Ann and Carter are just alike! Now it takes forever to cook one thing b/c they always have to help! ha!love,Katie


  2. Carter is so cute…I love him in the chef’s hat. Thanks again for checking on my house. I will tell you the whole story next time we talk.


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