Other Hilton Head Photos…

I took so many pictures last week that I cannot decide which ones to post. I did not do a good job of getting the adults in many pictures, but rest assured that we were there and having a good time. Carter wanted nothing more than to play with the “big boys” (aka, Uncle Spencer and Uncle Craig). Zach and I were definitely last on his list of who he wanted to play with. Seth loved all the attention from his Aunt Katie and Aunt Kasey! He was spoiled rotten when we got home! I don’t think Nana and Papa got a single minute to themselves the entire week. Someone always wanted something from them: reading books, building blocks, giving baths, feeding bottles, and with 3 kids in diapers there was always a diaper that needed changing!

Here are a few more pictures:

Playing on the floor in the house.

Ella Ann loved playing with Seth and he loved the attention!

Carter and Ella Ann before dinner on Wednesday night.

A family photo!

After MANY attempts, this is the best one we got with all the kids and their Nana and Papa!

On a rainy day, Zach took Carter to an interactive museum where Carter played for a couple of hours. He dressed up like a pirate and loved all the different things to play with there.

We took Carter to get ice cream on Friday. He eventually just gave up and turned the cone over upside down in his bowl. He enjoys ice cream, but doesn’t like the constant dripping on his hands!

Seth loved sitting up in his booster seat each night at dinner. He loves baby food now, and even got to try some puffs for the first time!

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