Our Weekend

Our weekend started on Friday when we took Carter to his Preschool Sneak-a-Peak. He was able to meet his two teachers and play in his classroom. We had a few tears and he definitely stayed close to me, but hopefully the opportunity to see his room and his teachers will help tomorrow when he goes for the first day!

Carter working at the art easel at Preschool Sneak-a-Peak.

Carter and his teachers, Miss Michele and Miss Ashley.

Later that day we traveled to Owensboro to spend the weekend with my family. We had a good visit and took lots of pictures. Here are a few of them:

Carter had talked all week about going to the soccer fields with Papa. First thing Saturday morning, they left for the fields. Carter had a great time and loved shooting at the real nets!

What a big boy!

This helmet was Uncle Spencer’s when he was a boy. Papa dug it out for Carter to wear and play with. We brought it home with us, but it belongs to Spencer for when he has a boy!

Seth loved playing with new toys and spent a lot of the weekend rolling around Nana’s floor trying to find something new to put in his mouth!

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