The worst of times and the best of times…

All I can say is…what a week! I’ll spare you all too many details because I know you don’t want them and I certainly don’t want to relive them. But here’s the summary: this time last week both of my boys got the stomach bug. Zach and I were up in the middle of the night giving baths, changing and washing sheets, and giving comfort to our two little ones who were scared of what was going on. After so many sheet changes, we just decided to cover their beds in beach towels. By Wednesday evening, we thought both boys were over it and I started to pack and prepare for my weekend beach trip. Twenty-two girls from my Sunday School class were headed to Destin, FL on Thursday for 3 days of fun! I was so excited!! My car left at 1:00 on Thursday afternoon. At 2:30, Zach called to say that Seth had thrown up again. I felt really bad for him, but he was such a great sport about it and took care of both boys and all their “messes” without (too much) complaining. 🙂

Before I left…Zach and Seth cuddling on the couch. Zach decided to prevent himself by covering up in a beach towel. After 3 outfits, I finally decided it was easier just to leave Seth in his diaper. 🙂

Seth snuggling on the floor in his beach towel!

I know this picture is a little dark, but I wanted to show off the sand and the beach behind us. We had a GREAT time! I had so much fun spending time with just girls and not having kids to take care of! It was a much needed break!

I am so blessed with great friends!

Keep us in your prayers…we are still struggling with this bug. Seth is sick again and we’re headed to the doctor in the morning to make sure this isn’t anything more than a virus. Sorry if this is scattered, but I am still lacking from a normal night sleep! 🙂

One thought on “The worst of times and the best of times…

  1. glad the boys are better and that you had fun. we’re totally jealous of your beach trip. but i think there’s still too many newborns in our midst to try that just yet.


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