Our Weekend in Pictures

We started the weekend at the mall on Friday night. It was a tax free weekend and we decided to take advantage of it to buy Carter some new clothes and shoes for the fall. Several stores had coupons along with the sales tax break so we got some really good deals!

Carter discovered corn on the cob this weekend. We have tried several times to get him to eat it but he would never touch it until Saturday night! Who knows why!!

Carter would not leave Gymboree Friday night without this pair of underwear. It had basketballs and baseballs all over it. I explained to him that if we bought it he would have to sit on the potty. He immediately agreed! Of course, when we got home he refused and what you don’t see is him crying before and after this picture because we made him try them on. This will be a long battle!

On Sunday night we went to Craig’s house to see his new fish tank. Carter was so excited to see the snails and the Nemos.

I am so embarassed that this is one of the only pictures of Seth from the weekend. He had fun with Aunt Kasey and Uncle Craig and couldn’t make it through dinner! He was exhausted from all the playing and squealing he did at their house! Seth turns 6 months old on Tuesday! I’ll post more pictures of Seth on Tuesday…

One thought on “Our Weekend in Pictures

  1. I love the underwear story/picture! Classic! Bribing doesn’t work too often with us either! Can’t wait to see you this week!love,katie 🙂


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