Evans Family Pictures

This weekend Zach’s family came to Franklin so that we could have some family pictures taken. This was the present we gave Zach’s mom and dad for Christmas. We had a good day together! The pictures went really well considering we had 5 kids there, two under a year old. Carter loved playing with his older cousins and Seth had company in his cousin Dylan, who is 2 months older than him. The day was so crazy with all the kids and the pictures that I forgot to take any pictures with my camera, but here are some of our family pictures taken at the studio.

Here are some pictures that we took at the house yesterday:

Seth thought it was so funny when Zach put him up on his shoulders.

We had to take a few pictures of Seth in his new little outfit yesterday. He was so happy!

After seeing us take pictures of Seth, Carter had to have his picture taken as well!

2 thoughts on “Evans Family Pictures

  1. The pictures are so good of you all! I cannot believe how big both Carter and Seth are getting! I miss them so much and can’t wait to see them in a few weeks. It has been too long!love,Katie


  2. Great family photos…glad everything went great! Pictures of little ones can be stressful. How about Harry Potter?


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