A visit from Nana

This weekend my Mom came in town and stayed the weekend with us. My Dad is traveling overseas for several weeks. Carter tells everyone that “Papa is at a trip.” 🙂 We missed Dad, but we had a good weekend here. It was nice to have extra help, especially the way that our Friday started out. Carter woke up with a fever. He was so extra clingy and needy and obviously did not feel good at all. He wanted to be held constantly which is difficult when you have a 5 month old as well. We also had started soy formula with Seth on Friday morning. By the time Mom got here at 10:30 in the morning, Seth had thrown up three times. I don’t think the soy agreed with him! I went out and got another can of Alimentum and we’re back to our super high priced formula! Needless to say that both boys had a rough morning! Seth rebounded and didn’t throw up again once we moved him back to his original formula. Carter started to feel a little better but continued to be quite needy.

Zach and I went to see Harry Potter on Saturday. It was great! I cannot wait for the last book to come out. Mom, Craig, and Kasey kept the boys for us. Craig played outside with Carter a lot of the time. They played baseball together. I’ll brag for just a minute and say that Carter is quite the ball player. Craig pitched the ball to him and Carter hit it over our fence (which isn’t a long way, but quite a distance for a 2 year old). I’m just so glad he enjoys playing ball! Seth rolled over for the first time from his belly to his back. He is just growing so fast.

This is Seth’s favorite toy right now. He loves to jump!

Daddy and his little look-alike!

Daddy and Carter reading some new books.

Seth got lots of cuddles this weekend from his Nana!

One thought on “A visit from Nana

  1. Andy and I saw Harry Potter yesterday and loved it. I am so excited about the new book and cannot wait to read it. I have so many questions I need answered.


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