Our lazy week…

We’ve had a nice week just staying close to home. We did go swimming on Monday with some friends and Carter actually got in the pool. This was a huge accomplishment!! I am so proud of him and hope to go again soon so that he can continue to grow more comfortable in the water. I don’t have any swimming pictures but will try to take some next time.

Here are some pictures from this week:

Seth has started joining us for dinner. He still hasn’t had any “solids” but he enjoys being a part of the family at dinner time.

These two pictures show the boys in their first matching outfits. Zach’s Uncle Chris, Aunt Laurie, and cousins Tyler and Cody gave them to the boys when Seth was born. I’m sure this is the first of many times they will match!

Seth really enjoys his pacifier lately…he wouldn’t take it out for the pictures today! It’s cute here, but not so much at night when we’re up 3-4 times to put it back in. 🙂

Seth really likes his Bumbo seat that we borrowed from his cousin, Ella Ann. It enables him to look around and keep an eye on everything Carter is doing!

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