A week in Kentucky

On Wednesday, Carter, Seth, and I traveled to Kentucky to spend some time with my parents. My college roommates (and their children) also came up so that we could all go to Holiday World on Thursday. They all spent the night with our friend Melissa, who lives in Owensboro. Here is a picture of our group on Thursday morning:

You’ll notice my kids are missing from the picture. I was not brave enough to take them both. Seth is definitely too little and Carter is still afraid of the water. Since we spent most of the day at the water park, I figured he would have much more fun with Nana at home. 🙂

On Friday, Mom, the boys, and I spent some time shopping and went out to lunch. Dad took a half day off to play with the boys and Zach came up after work on Friday. We had a great visit and I know the boys miss their Papa and Nana terribly! Here are some pictures from our visit.

Having tummy time!

Carter enjoyed blowing bubbles outside at Nana and Papa’s house.

Carter loved building with Spencer and Craig’s old blocks. He was so proud of the tower that he and Papa built.

Seth loved sitting in his jumperoo. Now we just need to teach him to jump! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A week in Kentucky

  1. Yeay! Seth can stand being on his tummy now! I cannot believe he’s already big enough to sit in the jump-a-roo! Ella Ann just sat in that thing forever before she figured out how to jump! Have a good 4th!love,Katie 🙂


  2. looks like fun. seth definitely made a carter face in one of those pictures which is the first time i’ve really thought they looked alike.


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