Father’s Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend! On Saturday we went to Glasgow, KY to have a family reunion of sorts with my extended family. All of my grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids were there, as well as my entire family. We had a good day. It was very hot outside, but we still managed to spend part of the day outside. Carter wasn’t in the greatest of moods (turns out he was getting a cold) so he was quite attached to me. He did spend some time playing with his Nana and Papa, as well as his cousins, aunts, and uncles. Seth was a sweetie all day. He got lots of attention and cuddling! Here are some pictures of our day:

I put Carter in his swimming trunks so that he could get in his Elmo sprinkler with the other kids. Needless to say, he still does not the sprinkler. He decided he would rather rock Ella Ann’s baby on the porch instead!

Papa teaching Carter how to play Croquet. Now this is a game Carter likes…all about hitting balls!!

Posing for a quick picture on the couch: Calisty, Ella Ann, Carter, and Thatcher. Seth was sound asleep in his pack-n-play. 🙂

The “big boys” playing wiffle ball in the backyard. Carter stayed right in the middle of them and helped Daddy play catcher for a while.

Today we celebrated Father’s Day at home together. It was a very nice, relaxing day. Zach kept both boys home from Church this morning because they both had colds and were completely exhausted (and very irritable) from their lack of sleep on Saturday. We gave Zach his gifts right before lunch. I had a footprint/handprint ceramic plate of Seth made for Zach for Father’s Day. I had one made of Carter when he was 3 months old as well. We also gave him a leather valet.

My boys!

Carter helping Daddy open his present. Seth is watching everything his brother does–as usual!

Carter blowing bubbles after dinner tonight.

Posing for a quick picture before bed.

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