A monumental step for a 2 year old!

Last night was quite an emotional night for everyone at our house. Bedtime came and when Carter went to the drawer to get his “pappy” it was broken. The ends of all 4 pappys were missing. “What happened?” he asked me over and over. I almost cried. I almost made Zach run to Kroger and buy us more. Even though it was my idea to snip the ends off of the pappys, I was definitely beginning to doubt what we had done. How could I take away this little thing that makes him so happy? It also makes me realize how quickly he is growing up and becoming a big boy.

Bedtime continued. We read our books, sang our songs, and said our prayer. Again, he went to the pappy drawer. “What happened, Mommy?” I put him in bed and he put all his broken pappys right up beside his face like he always does. He didn’t say another word about it as I left the room. Five minutes later, he was very upset. “Where are the tops?” he asked me when I went back in his room. I told him that I didn’t know. He said they were in a bag and I needed to get them and put his pappys back together again. It broke my heart, but Carter never cried. He fussed off and on for about 30 minutes and then finally fell asleep. Zach and I expected him to wake up during the middle of the night or very early the next morning. He surprised us and woke up right on time at 7 and never said a word about his pappys. Let’s pray things continue to go this well!!

My sweet “pappy” boy at 9 months old.

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