Visiting Family

On Monday, Carter, Seth, and I met Mom in Bowling Green and went on to Glasgow to spend some time with my grandmothers and aunt. We had a great visit. Carter loved playing outside at his Aunt Connie’s and really enjoyed all the extra attention. Seth was such a good boy…he gave lots of smiles and loved sitting outside in his Nana’s lap. One of the highlights of Carter’s trip was finding a Winnie the Pooh golf set at Connie’s house before we left. He was so upset that it was time to leave and he couldn’t play with it that Connie let us borrow it. He talked about golf the entire way home and has played with the golf set every day since we have been home. Thanks Connie for letting us borrow it!

Carter teeing up!

He was so excited to get home and play golf with Daddy!



I want to post these new pictures of Seth. The first one is Seth swaddled for bed. Zach calls him our little baby burrito! He loves to sleep swaddled and we are having trouble getting him to sleep without the swaddle. I just LOVE the last picture. It really shows his chubby cheeks! He is such a happy baby and always gives us a smile when we’re around!

3 thoughts on “Visiting Family

  1. good to see that campbell isn’t the only one obsessed with golf. they need to get together and play sometime.


  2. Another sport to obsess about! I’m sure you’re thrilled! hehehee! The pictures are great of Seth too…he’s getting so big!love,Katie


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