Half Marathon

Today was a great day at our house! It started out with Zach running in his first 5K this morning. He did great and came in 4th in his age bracket. The race benefitted the Tenneesee Baptist Children’s Home. He really enjoyed the race and already has another one planned in June.

Zach didn’t want me to post this picture, but I am anyway…I’m so proud of him!

Zach’s parents came down this morning to spend some time with the boys. Carter loved playing outside with the bubbles. I think he had more bubbles on his clothes and in his mouth than anywhere else. 🙂 We spent a lot of time outside and had such a nice visit. They had to leave for a wedding during the boys’ nap, but we enjoyed the morning together.
Carter and Grandma playing on the floor! 

After the boys’ naps, the four of us spent most of the afternoon outside. Seth loved laying on the blanket and looking around. Carter filled his wheelbarrow with balls and then pushed it around the yard. It was one of those days that makes me realize how blessed I am. Even though the last few months have definitely been challenging at times (adjusting to a new baby, a colicky one at that), I have so much to be thankful for. I pray that I can remember that even when the bad days come along.

Carter wanted the bubbles out of the bottom of the container. Instead of asking for help, he just climbed right in!

Sweet Seth outside on the blanket!
Carter filling up his wheelbarrow.

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