A full house!

This weekend my family was in town so that we could all spend some time together. Spencer, Katie, and Ella Ann came up from Atlanta, Mom and Dad came down from Kentucky and Craig and Kasey were here too! It had been a while since we were all together so it made the weekend extra special.
Before the company arrived on Friday, Zach and I got to hear Seth laugh for the first time. It was really cute…he is such a happy baby! Everyone arrived about dinner time on Friday night. We enjoyed a nice meal at home and the kids spent time playing inside before they went to bed. Carter was so excited by the full house that he had a hard time calming down to go to sleep.

Seth giving us big smiles and laughs!

Our Saturday morning started extra early. Seth was up at 5:15 or so. He was extremely happy and ready to play! Ella Ann woke up at 4:30 or so, but thankfully went back to sleep for a little while before getting up for the day. Needless to say we were all hanging out in the living room by 5:30 or so. Once it warmed up, we spent most of the day outside. I think it was Carter’s dream day. πŸ™‚ He had a lot of fun and Seth even enjoyed his first day outside.

At first Ella Ann wasn’t so sure about playing outside. She sat by the door and held her blanket for a little while. After a few minutes, she joined everyone else and had a great time playing!

Carter loved playing in the dirt this weekend. His new favorite thing is scooping dirt into his bucket and then dumping it out and starting all over again. Ella Ann liked it too, as long as it didn’t get on her hands!

Carter playing ball with Uncle Craig. He wanted to play with the big boys all weekend!

Seth enjoying the shade tree outside!

After a long day outside (and baths to get rid of all that dirt), the kids enjoyed some quiet time reading with their Aunt Kasey.

On Sunday we all went to church together. None of the kids made it through the service, but it was still nice to be together. Carter, Ella Ann, and Seth looked adorable and we took some cute pictures after church. We ate lunch together and everyone went their separate ways. We had a great weekend…it was so good to be together. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we do it again!

Carter and Seth posing for a picture inside. Seth fell asleep after this picture!

It was nearly impossible to get Ella Ann and Carter to stand still for a picture. Don’t they look cute in their Sunday clothes?

Nana, Papa, Ella Ann, and Carter smiling for the camera!

Spencer, Katie, and Ella Ann–what a cute family!

One thought on “A full house!

  1. We had such a good time with you all! Thanks for having us! We look forward to seeing you again soon! Love the pics!love,Katie πŸ™‚


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